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Refrigerator Repair in Silver Spring, MD

Emergency Repair Services Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Refrigerators have been around since the late 1800s and are still the most effective means of preserving food items. Without the refrigerator, we would have to salt our meats and can our fruits and vegetables in order to preserve them.

Thankfully, humans no longer have to do these things. We just simply need open space in our refrigerator and food is preserved. So when your home’s refrigerator starts to accumulate damages and stops operating correctly, contact Appliance Repair-911 for your refrigerator repair. Silver Spring, MD residents who have damaged refrigerators: contact us for fast and competitively-priced repair services.

Our refrigerator specialists repair the following refrigerator brands:

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Refrigerator Repair

If your refrigerator isn’t working as efficiently as you’d like or if it just isn’t working at all, contact us for refrigerator repair. Silver Spring, MD residents who served in the military, have disabilities that affect mobility, or have reached retirement age – contact us for special rates and discounts on our repair services. 

Freezer Repair in Silver Spring, MD

Contrary to popular belief, the freezer and the refrigerator are not two separate entities. In fact, the system that keeps your freezer cold is the same one that also regulates the temperature in your refrigerator. 

So when an issue such as frost buildup prevents effective air circulation, this can affect the entire system. The results are thawed-out frozen goods and curdling dairy products. When you face these issues, don’t delay, dither, or despair: contact the freezer experts at Appliance Repair-911 for your freezer repair. In Silver Spring, we fix and maintain numerous freezer systems every day of the year.

Remember, every freezer and refrigerator’s greatest enemy is moisture. Even if your home isn’t humid, the air is still moist, especially when compared to the air inside the refrigerator. Once this moist air enters the system, it will settle and frost will form on the unit’s interior surfaces.

Typically, modern refrigerators have built-in defrosters but these parts can fail.  If frost buildup is too great, this frost will build up and collect, and block air from circulating – causing the entire system to fail.

If you need reliable, dependable, and fast freezer repair in Silver Spring, contact us today.

  Appliance Repair-911 provides its customers with comprehensive and professional refrigerator repair. Silver Spring’s elderly citizens, military personnel, and residents with mobility issues all qualify for special discounts. Contact us today!