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Refrigerator Repair in Falls Church, VA

Emergency Repair Services Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Appliance Repair-911 provides its customers with comprehensive refrigerator repairs. Falls Church area residents can contact us for any of your refrigerator or freezer repair needs. We diagnose and repair refrigerators, regardless of the appliance’s age, model, or repair history.

We know that the refrigerator is where you keep and store all your perishable food items. So when moist air builds up in your refrigerator and causes frost to form on the diffuser and other critical parts of your refrigerator, you know who to call.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you’ve noticed an increase in your refrigerator’s internal temperature or have noticed excessive noise or vibration, contact us.

We will send a certified, bonded, and licensed repair technician to return your failing refrigerator to working condition.

Our repair technicians have extensive knowledge of all major brand appliances, including units from these popular refrigerator manufacturers:

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Refrigerator Repair


Freezer Repair in Falls Church, VA

When it comes to freezer repairs in Falls Church, the cause of the repair is typically due to user error.

At one point or another, most of us will forget to completely close the refrigerator or freezer door. While this neglect may seem benign at first, this action can actually cause a lot of problems for the refrigerator and its overall system.
This is because moist air from outside the appliance will enter the appliance and begin to internally circulate. Eventually this moist air will settle and form frost which blocks air flow and causes lots of problems.

Frost is the greatest enemy faced by any modern freezer or refrigerator. Frost will enter the critical components of a refrigerator and will cause them to fail. The eventual results are inconveniences like ice cream soup, rotting meat, and spoiled milk.

However, there are far more issues to consider than just frost. Usually, freezer repairs in Falls Church are functions of factors like the appliance’s age, its maintenance history, and how frequently the appliance is used.

If an appliance’s owner neglects the recommended annual maintenance, it should come as no surprise that repairs will be needed down the road.  Regardless as to what the problem may be, your freezer’s issue can be resolved by our highly-qualified and skilled repair technicians.

We will get your appliance working correctly once again and we provide discounts for the elderly, disabled, and retired and active military personnel.

Appliance Repair-911 provides its customers with correct, affordable, and fast freezer and refrigerator repairs. Falls Church senior citizens and military personnel all qualify for special discounts. Contact us for refrigerator or freezer service in Falls Church today!