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Refrigerator Repair in Columbia, MD

Emergency Repair Services Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

From ice makers to defrosters and compressors, modern refrigerators and freezers have a lot of parts and components. Your refrigerator and its component parts work tirelessly to ensure that its internal temperature stays cool. So if your refrigerator is failing to operate correctly, contact us for fast and competitively-priced refrigerator repair.  Columbia, MD residents can contact us to repair any of the following refrigerator brands:


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Refrigerator Repair

Even if you don’t see your brand listed above, you can still call us and have one of our highly qualified refrigerator repair specialists assist you.

Don’t forget, Appliance Repair-911 also provides emergency appliance repair. Columbia, MD area residents can have a qualified repair technician repair any model refrigerator that is malfunctioning, incorrectly operating, or otherwise experiencing technical difficulties.

So what are some common issues with refrigerators and what can you do to resolve them? 

  • Close the door. The most prevalent issue with any freezer and refrigerator is frost. To prevent frost from forming, keep your refrigerator and freezer door shut when not in use. Open the refrigerator and freezer door sparingly and frost won’t be a problem.
  • The refrigerator is no longer cold. This is a problem that can stem from many different issues. If you’ve noticed a gradual increase in the internal temperature of your refrigerator, then check the condenser coils located on your unit. Condenser coils help keep the refrigerator chilled and if these components become caked in dust and grime they will fail to operate efficiently. Clean these off and your refrigerator might very well become chilled again. If everything appears to be neat and tidy, contact us and have one of our repair technicians diagnose and repair the problem for you.
  • Fan doesn’t turn on. The fan in your freezer or refrigerator unit is another critical and important component. Just like the condenser coils, the fans help regulate the internal temperature and keep everything nice and cool inside the refrigerator. Check for obvious signs of damage around the fan’s motor and also be sure to check that no frost has formed on the fan.
Appliance Repair-911 provides high quality, affordable, and incredibly professional refrigerator services, including refrigerator repair. Columbia, MD area residents can contact us for any of your refrigerator service and repair needs.