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Refrigerator Repair in College Park, MD

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Fun Fact: refrigerators don’t actually “cool” your food. This is a common misconception. In reality, refrigerators remove heat by using gases that drop from a high pressure state to a lower pressure state. This causes the temperature of the gases to drop and effectively helps to “cool” interior spaces, like a refrigerator.

Refrigerators have existed for well over a century. The first commercially available refrigerator was produced by General Electric in 1911. At the time, refrigerators cost the average consumer about $1000, or roughly twice as much as an automobile cost at that time. However, ownership of this appliance quickly grew, and now over 99% of American homes have one or more refrigerators.

So when your refrigerator breaks down or otherwise fails to operate correctly, contact Appliance Repair-911 for fast and professional refrigerator repair. We handle the following brands:

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Refrigerator Repair

Contact us today for fast and affordable refrigerator repair in College Park, MD.

Freezer Repair in College Park, MD

The cold air in most refrigerators is due in part to the freezer. The cold air in a freezer will actually pass through a series of vents and air passages to reach the attached refrigerator unit.

Additionally, a thermostat in the refrigerator activates the compressor whenever the temperature rises above the desired setting. This in turn regulates and maintains a consistent temperature inside the freezer and refrigerator. However, if this balanced system gets damaged or is upset in any way, the results can cause a serious headache for appliance owners.

Freezer repair in College Park is an affordable way to ensure that your refrigerator won’t need to get replaced anytime soon. Our repair services can be used by appliance owners who have appliances that are primarily cooled by Freon and more modern coolants, including HCFC-22 and HCFC-142b.

Remember, when it comes to freezer repair in College Park that the most common culprits are frost and ice buildup. Every time you open the refrigerator or freezer door, roughly 1/3 of the cold air will escape. As this air escapes, warmer and more humid air takes its place. Eventually this results in frost build up, which prevents air flow and causes your refrigerator system to heat up and fail.

Don’t let a minor issue force you to replace the entire system. Contact us today and have our highly qualified and experienced freezer repair technicians fix your malfunctioning freezer.

  Appliance Repair-911 is ready to assist our customers with all of their freezer and refrigerator repairs. College Park, MD residents who are senior citizens, disabled, military veterans, or enlisted personnel are all eligible for special discounts and rates.