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Refrigerator Repair in Bethesda, MD

Emergency Repair Services Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

The Department of Energy estimates that refrigerators contribute to about 14% of a household’s total energy use. However, if you have a refrigerator that no longer functions correctly, expect to see that 14% drastically increase.

This is because damaged, malfunctioning, and broken refrigerators will need additional power to operate correctly. Fortunately, Appliance Repair-911 provides its customers with 24 hour refrigerator repair. Bethesda, MD area residents with damaged refrigerators can contact us for fast and affordable repairs. We have the knowledge and skill required to fix modern and older model refrigerators.

We service a wide variety of different brand name refrigerators, including these perennial favorites:

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Refrigerator Repair


Don’t throw money away by putting off your refrigerator repair. Bethesda, MD residents can call us anytime of the day for speedy repairs and high quality service. We also provide military personnel and elderly citizens with special rates and discounts. Contact us for more information.
Freezer Repair in Bethesda, MD

A properly maintained freezer should operate perfectly for years. Sadly, most people tend to neglect regular preventative maintenance, which means problems do not simply occur overnight – they build up over time.

Freezer repair in Bethesda is most often the culmination of years of abuse and misuse that results in avoidable problems, such as failing coils, frost build up, and corroding electrical components.  These issues individually can cause serious malfunctions in a freezer system; when combined together, they can be disastrous.

That’s because frost blocks air flow and prevents cold air from circulating in a freezer system. Coils that aren’t maintained will get caked with dust and grime, which prevents efficient delivery of coolant.

In regards to electrical components, just about everything manufactured today has some sort of sensitive electrical equipment that utilizes microchips and other technological marvels. Freezer systems are no different. When the electrical system fails in a freezer, the appliance will directly follow suit.

If you need immediate and affordable freezer repair in Bethesda, contact the freezer technicians at Appliance Repair-911.

Appliance Repair-911s provides its customers with comprehensive refrigerator repair. Bethesda residents: contact us for fast and dependable refrigerator and freezer repair.