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Refrigerator Repair in Baltimore, MD

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Imagine if all the food we ate was stored and shipped in briny sea water? While this might seem gross to us today, just 100 years ago this was the most common method of shipping meat and other perishable food products. Thankfully, technology advanced, and today we have fully functioning refrigerators.

The concept of a refrigerator began in the mid-1700s with a man named William Cullen. Cullen was the first to discover that compressed gas could actually be used to cool the air. Nearly a century later, a man named John Gorrie developed the first functional vapor-compression refrigerator and these quickly became popular with breweries and the meat-packing industry. Eventually J.P. Morgan’s General Electric released the very first commercial refrigerator in 1911 and the rest is now history.

However, these early model refrigerators have very little in common with their modern counterparts. Whereas these older models utilized compressed gases that could kill a human, modern refrigerant doesn’t pose any dangers to humans or the environment. More importantly, modern refrigerators require less electricity and many operate under the Energy Star label.

Refrigerator Repair

One thing modern and older model refrigerators do have in common is the need for reliable, honest, and professional repair. Appliance Repair-911 provides its customers with comprehensive and correct refrigerator repair. Baltimore area residents and members living in all of the surrounding communities can contact us to assist you with your refrigerator repair needs.

Contact us today for prompt and competitively priced refrigerator repair. Baltimore area customers can expect a visit from a highly skilled and experienced technician who is able to handle any of your refrigerator repair needs. We repair modern and older model refrigerators from the following brands:

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Additionally, Appliance Repair-911 also provides its customers with emergency 24 hour assistance. That means our customer can contact us any day of the week, any time of day, with your appliance needs. Senior citizens, military personnel, and people with disabilities are all eligible for special offers and discounts. Contact us today for more information on our refrigerator repair services, special offers, or other appliance services.

  Appliance Repair-911 provides its customers with comprehensive refrigerator services, including refrigerator repair. Baltimore residents can contact us with all of your refrigerator service and repair needs. We proudly provide our services to all of Baltimore and all of the surrounding communities.